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Course Information


Jihong Kim
Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, SNU

Course Description

This course covers various up-to-date research topics on embedded systems.
It is intended primarily for advanced graduate students in the field of embedded systems.
Recent conference papers as well as journal papers are used in the course.

Course Goal

This course prepares graduate students for advanced research in flash-based storage systems/architecture areas. The core part of the course introduces key components of flash-based storage systems (such as SSDs) in a comprehensive fashion starting from NAND flash cells to flash translation layer to systems software. Based on the basic understanding on flash-based storage systems, students are exposed to current research topics in flash-related areas by studying recent technical papers from top systems conferences.


Course Organization

This course consists of two main parts:
Part 1: Lectures on Key Components of Flash-based Storage Systems
Topics include:

Part 2: Recent Topics in Flash-based Storage Systems

Course Schedule

Week Topic Slides
Week 0 Syllabus pdf
Week 1 Flash-Aware ComputingCourse Information pdf
Week 2 Overview of Flash and SSDs pdf
Week 3 Overview of NAND Flash Memory pdf
Week 4 Basics of Storage Systems pdf
Week 5 Overview of Flash Management SW pdf
Week 6 Overview of Flash Translation Layer pdf
Week 7 FTL Address Mapping Techniques pdf
Week 8 Hybrid Mapping-basedFlash Translation Layer pdf
Week 9 Garbage Collection Technique pdf
Week 10 Wear-Leveling Techniques pdf
Week 11 Data Separation Techniques pdf
Week 12 Lifetime Issues & Techniques pdf
Week 13 Buffer Management Techniques pdf
Week 14 Advanced Flash Translation Layer pdf
Week 15 Flash Controller pdf
Week 16 SSD Architecture and System-level Controllers pdf
Week 17 Flash-aware File System pdf
Week 18 Host-Managed Flash pdf